These are frequently asked questions regarding the Islamorada Parking Master Plan:

  • Why are we doing this Plan?

    This project is being developed in response to a request from Islamorada, Village of Islands to develop a parking master plan for the Village. This project outlines an approach and methodology to develop a Parking Master Plan that will assist the Village in modifying the Village Parking Land Development Regulations as well as, identify potential multi-modal transportation alternatives, “Complete Street” solutions, urban design, and potential land use and zoning policies that would enhance the overall parking conditions within the Village.

  • What will be the results of this Plan?

    The purpose of this project is to generate a planning-level analysis that will develop a Parking Master Plan to assist the Village in updating and modifying the Village’s Parking Land Development Regulations. The plan will provide a set of recommendations for the Village to implement through a short and long term strategy in order to enhance the overall parking conditions within the Village.

  • Who funds this study?

    This project is funded by Islamorada, Village of Islands through the Planning and Development Services Department.

  • When will the Plan be completed? When are the major milestones?

    This study will go through different phases, which are expected to run until the spring of 2018.

    Phase 1 – Existing Conditions (Aug 2017 – Oct 2017)
    Phase 2 – Project Principles, Goals and Objectives  (Nov 2017 – Dec 2017)
    Phase 3 – Parking Conceptual Alternatives (Jan 2018 – Mar 2018)
    Phase 4 – Final Recommendations (Apr 2018)

  • How will we fund any improvements coming out of this Plan?

    All recommendations coming out of this planning effort will be evaluated and prioritized. Village staff will create a funding strategy for implementation. The recommended capital improvements requiring a funding plan will be advanced by the planning department in coordination with the public works department and the administration, and ultimately approved by the Village Council.

  • How can I provide more input? How can I get involved?

    Your input is critical to the development of the Parking Master Plan! Please fill out the project survey to help guide the project team, attend the ‘open house’ events on March 14th, 2018, and/or contact us directly with your thoughts and concerns.

    How will you come up with solutions?

    The Plan will analyze the current parking supply, demand, operations, and management practices within the Village areas, during both peak (November through May) and non-peak (June through October) conditions and make recommendations based on an overall analysis of conditions and industry-best practices for the efficient use of the Village’s parking resources and assist the Village planning staff in creating land development regulations that serve the identified needs.